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Spring Walleye Fishing Canada

Walleye fishing has been incredible this year. As most of you know it has been a cooler, and wetter, than normal spring, although today is really gorgeous. The cooler water and the stimulation of precipitation has really kept the Walleye exceptionally aggressive this year. In other words they are really fat and sassy. We have had lots of fish for shore lunches and our Catch and Release log is filling up rapidly. The feedback is that the average Walleyes are running around 17″ and there are a lot of comments on how thick (fat) they are. They are not really fat but they do have a lot of meat on them and they definitely taste great.
The largest Walleye release so far is a 25″ Walleye caught and released by Brian Mack. The largest Northern Pike released so far is a 37″ Northern Pike Caught and Released by Tim Howson. This far north i25″ Walleye and 37″ Northern Pike would both be about 17 years old and it is approximately a 90% chance that these fish are large healthy female fish in that are prime spawners. For more information on fish size, age, and maturity for our area you can go to our website at www.WildernessIsland.com/fishing/fish_age-size.html.
We thank Tim Howson , Brian Mack and all of our guests who contribute to ongoing fishing quality in Lake Wabatongushi by releasing the large fish that are the high quality female spawning size fish that our fishing needs to stay great.
Thank You Everyone!
Al Errington

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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