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Trophy Pike Fly Fishing

The largest Northern Pike caught and release this year is now up to 38 inches and it was caught fly fishing. Daryl Young is a very avid fly fisherman and his favorite is fly fishing for Northern Pike. He ties his own flies. Fly fishing fly for Northern PikeThe fly he used to catch the 38 inch Northern Pike is about 9 inches long, dark with red highlights and a diving head.

We will post a picture of Daryl’s Northern Pike as soon as he sends it to us.

A 38 inch Northern Pike is about 18 years old in our area and it is a 92% chance that it is a large female in her prime as a spawner. Thank you Daryl for releasing her so she can continue to contribute to high quality Northern Pike fishing in Lake Wabatongushi.

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Al & Doris Errington

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