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Trophy Walleye by Tom Holden

Tom Holden with Trophy Walleye

Our Walleye Catch & Release contest got serious today when Tom Holden caught this beautiful 31-1/2″ Walleye. From what we heard there was a lot of cheering for a few minutes as he and his brother Dan were landing and measuring her. They took a quick picture and returned her to the lake to continue contributing to quality fishing in Lake Wabatongushi.
This is a really beautiful Walleye that is probably about 30 years old and basically there is no chance that she is anything but a very large healthy female at the peak of her reproductive abilities. She has laid millions of eggs over the years and given her size and health, will probably lay close to a half million eggs next spring and hopefully for a number of years into the future. Congratulations Tom and thank you for releasing such a great fish so she can continue to contribute to Lake Wabatongushi’s great fishing. You can click on Tom’s picture to see a larger picture. For more information on size and age of Walleye and Northern Pike in our lake and area of Ontario Canada please go to our website at www.WildernessIsland.com/fishing/fish_age-size.html.

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