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Greetings from Wilderness Island Resort Ontario Canada

Hello this is Bobbi again, last time I wrote I didn’t have time to talk about the interpretive trail that I did at the resort last year.

So, here goes…

When they eventually get put up, there are going to be interpretive signs on the main island and around the trails by the cabins. These interpretive signs tell what tree species we have on the lake, and useful tidbits about the individual tree. These can become very informative to people and gets people to know what the ‘Boreal Forest’ is like and the main tree species that we have on the lake. Useful tips such as identifying them, with leaves, bark and their silouette from afar.

The main species we have on the lake is Black Spruce, be we also have White Spruce, Jack Pine, White Birch, Trembling Aspen., just to name a few. A lot of people see these trees everyday and don’t take the time to get to know them. So these interpretive signs will help and aid people and give them some knowledge of what tree species we have. So, I’m hoping people will learn a thing or two.

I hope these help tourists like yourself, and eventually when Abby and Doris have time, I mentioned if they could go on Timberwolf Island and get some ‘tree cookies’ ( a cross section of the tree) and send them to me and I can analyze them here in the lab, with the Dendrochronometer. This can tell me, signs of insect damage, thinning, fire, frost rings and the age of the tree. I hoping I can get a Black Spruce, White Spruce, Trembling Aspen, White Birch and Jack Pine. Basically, I just want to see what the tree growth is in that region. So, I’ll keep you posted, and go out and enjoy those interpretive trails.

Forest Researcher
Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

Sault Ste. Marie

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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