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Thermacell Bug Repellent

Greetings from Wilderness Island Resort Ontario Canada
Thermacell is a new type of bug repellent that keeps bugs out of a small area. I had seen them for sale but had not really researched them until there was an article in an Astronomy magazine. Astronomers and amateur star gazers usually don’t like to use bug repellent lotions because they can damage their telescopes during handling. So a bug repellent that you just turn on and it just sit there keeping bugs away is very appealing to them. They tested a number of bug repellent devices and highly recommended the Thermacell.
I decided to get a couple Thermacells and try them, they work very well. I had a very good opportunity the last couple of days to give them a really good test. We have been doing a renovation on cabin #2 including a bunch of plumbing work under the cabin, a perfect mosquito haven. I was under the cabin for about 15 minutes swatting mosquitos when I remembered the Thermacells. I went and got one, turned it on, put under the cabin and in about 15 minutes the mosquitos were gone. It was almost enjoyable underneath the cabin.
The Thermacells work by warming a small fibre pad with repellent on it. One patch last about 4 hours and give you about a 15 foot diameter area with virtually no bugs. Because the repellent is airborn Thermacells are not affective in a wind or, unfortunately, if you are hiking or moving around. They are great however if you are sitting on a deck or out in a boat on a still evening. You can get Thermacells in most outdoor stores, Amazon sells them online, and we have them for sale here now too.

Happy Bug Free Vacations
Al Errington

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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