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Greetings from Wilderness Island Resort Ontario Canada

I have taken some amazing pictures at the resort so I thought I would put up a few of them. Please don’t steal them.
The first picture was a ‘American Robin’ that had fell out of the nest. Morgan, Devin and I, all pitched in an raised this little guy named “Bubba” until she/he fledged and eventually left the nest and wandered around on the island. Guests would buy worms just to feed this neverending stomach. This was a picture taken in front of the lodge on the deck. “Bubba” would fly on peoples heads and make him/herself at home.
The second picture is Yellow Warbler eggs. As with all the nest that I find or stumble upon, I usually have some scale involved so you can see how big or small the eggs are. This nest, the birds had already fledged but this was one egg that was left and didn’t hatch. You can see how extremely small this egg is, and if you remember Joey our cook, he had some mice get into his mattress, so the fluff that was left over he just put outside. And the Yellow Warblers used this material to build their nests. Smart little birds.
The third picture on the left are Common Loon eggs, I took this picture with a Canon EOS 300 SLR, due to the fact that she was off the nest when I took this picture I had to be quick, I only took 3 picture, but this was the best one.
The picture on the right are Herring Gull eggs. This was taken right in from of Big Sandy Beach, she was again off the nest, but since I was there she was not particulary happy with me and starting divebombing me.
These are some of the magnificent pictures I have taken at the resort, and only hope in the future will take more…

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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