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Canadian Vacations – Great Deals

Hello Everyone,
Most of you have probably noticed the falling oil prices, but many of you may not have been watching the Canadian Dollar go down as well. The Canadian dollar is very strongly tied to oil prices. This means travel to Canada has become a great deal both because most world currencies have gained significantly more value against the Canadian Dollar lately, and travel by car or plane here is now a lot less expensive as fuel prices are down. The US Dollar is now 15%-20% higher than the Canadian Dollar, The Euro is now worth $1.60 Canadian, and the UK Pound is now worth $2.00 Canadian. We have updated our approximate exchange rates on our website at:
Any payments or deposits paid now on next summers vacations will enjoy the current high exchange rate. If any of you would like to pay the balance of your next years vacation now in case the exchange rate goes back down, we would be happy to hear from you.
We are hoping the exchange rate and oil prices stay low for next summer to help all of you enjoy great Canadain Vacations here at our wilderness island vacation and fishing resort.
Hope you are having a very enjoyable Autumn season wherever you are
Al & Doris Errington

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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