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Lori and Larry’s Wedding

Lori and Larry had a beautiful wedding last Saturday. Lori and Larry are two of our long-time staff members who met, became great friends, and fell in love at our resort. Lor has been our chief shore lunch cook for quite a number of years as well as head dinner waitress and part f our housekeeping staff. Larry is a terrific fishing guide as well as being in charge of all grounds maintenance at our resort. They are terrific people who are great to work with.
Doris, Devin, Morgan, myself as well as most of the rest of our staff attended Lori and Larry’s wedding. Two long-time guests, Doug and Jim also came to the wedding to provide some really great entertainment. It was a great wedding and we all had a very enjoyable time.
Lori and Larry are now off on their honeymoon.
They, and the rest of us are all looking forward to see you all next year.

Have a Great Day!
Al, Doris, Devin & Morgan Errington
Larry & Lori Harvey
and all our staff at Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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