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Canadian Fishing at our Wilderness Resort in Ontario Canada Last Year

Fishing at our Canadian Resort Last Year

A Beauty of a Walleye Released

Canadian Trophy Walleye Fishing in Ontario CanadaTom Holden caught and released this beautiful 31-1/2″ Walleye. From what we heard there was a lot of cheering for a few minutes as he and his brother Dan were landing and measuring her. They took a quick picture and returned her to the lake to continue contributing to quality fishing in Lake Wabatongushi. This is a really beautiful Walleye that is probably about 30 years old and based on her size is no chance that she is anything but a very large healthy female at the peak of her reproductive abilities. She has laid millions of eggs over the years and given her size and health, will probably lay close to a half million eggs next spring and hopefully for a number of years into the future. Congratulations Tom and thank you for releasing such a great fish so she can continue to contribute to Lake Wabatongushis great fishing.

Couples That Fish Together…

Jan and Pat Malinowski are a wonderful couple who obviously fish very well together too. Pat caught and released the 3rd Largest Northern Pike last summer at 38″ and a few days later his wife Jan caught and released the Largest Northern Pike of the summer, a great 39″ Pike that Jan quickly released so she could continue to lay millions of eggs each year for future generations of sport fishing enthusiasts. Pat also Caught and Released a 29″ Walleye in 2007, which was the second largest Walleye releast in 2007. Thank you and congratulations Jan & Pat.

Canadian Trophy Pike Fly Fishing in Ontario CanadaPike on the “Fly” Flyfishing

Fly Fishing for Northern Pike is a lot of fun. Gigantic “flies” as long as 8″-12″ that you toss into the shallows or weeds and strip in and the Pike just nail. Floater and Streamers are both effective, but floaters are the most fun because even the near misses are exciting. We do not get a lot of people Fly Fishing for Pike, but the ones who do are a joy to watch. Darryl Young caught and released a number of number of Northern Pike while flyfishing with his son here last summer. Here is a 38 inch Northern Pike that Darryl Young caught and released June 30. Darryl caught this Pike on a 9 inch Pike Fly he made himself. This is a beautiful Pike and I think the largest I remember being caught on a fly rod on our Lake.

Catch & Release Fishing Awards 2008

We expanded our Catch and Release Awards to a total of 50 a number of years ago. The purpose of these awards is to encourage and reward the efforts put into ensuring the continued fishing . Each Catch and Release award grants a discount of 10% to each recipient on their next vacation at our resort. Besides the trophies for the largest Walleye released and largest Northern Pike released, each of the 5 largest Northern Pike and 5 Largest Walleyes released in 2008 earns a Catch and Release Discount. We also draw 2 names randomly from each week in our catch and release log book and the remainder are randomly drawn from all of the names in our Catch and Release Log Book. We would like to thank all of our guests for releasing the 100’s of larger Northern Pike and Walleye registered in our Catch and Release log book and the other 100’s of Walleye and Northern Pike released which were not registered. Each Walleye released over 15″ and each Northern Pike released over 24″ is eligible.

Large fish are almost exclusively females which means they can produce a lot more fish. With Walleye especially, it is now generally accepted that the larger the female is, the more successful spawner she is. They do not neccessarilly produce as many eggs per pound but their eggs are larger and healthier with a much higher hatch success. They also tend to be genetically larger which increases the growth rate of the general population.

Largest Walleyes Released in 2008

Tom Holden 31-1/2″ Walleye
Gentle Fisherman Award Winner
Largest Walleye Released in 2008

Doug Hoppa 26-1/2″ Walleye
Mike Bennett 26″ Walleye
Cindy Knuth 25-1/2″ Walleye
Brian Mack 25″ Walleye
Don Smith 24″ Walleye

Largest Northern Pike Released in 2008

Jan Malinowski
39 1/2″ Northern Pike
Titus Trophy Winner
Largest Northern Pike Released in 2008

Kevin Manninh 39″ Northern Pike
Patrick Malinowski 38″ Northern Pike
Darryl Young 38″ Northern Pike
Tim Howson 37″ Northern Pike
Scott Blackall 37″ Northern Pike

Random Draw
Catch & Release Fishing Winners

Here are our 40 recipients for our 2008 random draw. Each will receive 10% Catch and Release discounts on their next vacations at our resort.

Steve Bartnicki – 18.5″ Walleye * Edward Williams – 27″ Pike

Mathew Vujea – 24″ Northern Pike * Robert Redinger – 36″ Northern Pike

Tom Quaderer – 19″ Walleye * Bob Andres – 17.5″ Walleye

Larry Light – 19″ Walleye * Pat Fulton – 17″ Walleye

Tom Mackowiak – 19″ Walleye * Ken Champagne – 25.5″ Northern Pike

Paul Knuth – 23″ Walleye * Joe Schwenker – 23″ Walleye

Duane Batchelor – 22.5″ Walleye * Sherri Kelley – 18″ Walleye

Robin McTaggart – 22.5″ Walleye * Jana Federer – 20″ Walleye

Scott Blackall – 21″ Walleye * Dan LeBlond – 25″ Northern Pike

Marylin Soles – 18.” Walleye * Jerry Welsh – 19″ Walleye

Taylor Snow – 32″ Northern Pike * Mark West – 28″ Northern Pike

John Kelly – 21.5″ Walleye * Pat Moylan – 23″ Walleye

Tyler Romanick – 18″ Walleye * Al Beeton – 25.5″ Northern Pike

George Spangler – 26.5″ Northern Pike * Bob Schafer – 28″ Northern Pike

Jeff Bos – 20″ Walleye * John Bos – 34″ Northern Pike

Ben Smith – 25″ Northern Pike * Bob Rusiska – 18″ Walleye

Kelly Cooney – 32″ Northern Pike * Dave Duquette – 32″ Northern Pike

Kim Colby – 18″ Walleye * Dan Clark – 19″ Walleye

Harriet Thompson – 16″ Walleye * Ross Aukland – 19″ Walleye

Doug Jones – 19.5″ Walleye * Carol Posey – 17″ Walleye

For this catch and release fishing draw we separate all entries into their respective weeks, draw 2 entries from each week, all remaining entries for the year are combined and we draw the balance of the winners from the remaining entries. We thank everyone who contributed to the ongoing fishing quality of Lake Wabatongushi.

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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