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Winter Train to our Resort on Lake Wabatongushi

Late Winter on Lake Wabatongushi

We had our March break here just over a week ago. It is not a spring break here, it is a late winter break. Doris, Devin, Morgan and I decided to go up to the resort for a few days and check out the winter scene there. We had a really great time. We took the train up on Friday and went back out on Monday. We started by skiing and snowshoeing across the lake but the conditions were so good we ended up just walking. Our dogs Sable and Nikita pulled a sleigh with most of our supplies across.

We stayed in Cabin #8 which is the cabin on the point just to the right of the bridge facing out onto the main lake. We drilled some holes right in front of the cabin. Not necessarily the best winter fishing spot but we were there to relax, and the fishing was not bad.

We had a nice day on Saturday, a little overcast and the fishing was a little slow. Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and we caught quite a few fish. We kept 2 for dinner Sunday night. With no TV we played cribbage in the evening and got lots of sleep. We had a thoroughly relaxing and fun weekend.

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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