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First Big Walleye of the 2009 Season

Sally Berthusen has started off our 2009 Catch & Release fishing contest with this great Walleye. Her 26 inch Walleye that she Caught & Released today is about 20 years old and would weigh about 7 pounds. Sally and her husband Gene said that they thought they had a very heavy snag for a quite a while until they saw her coming up to the boat, then the excitement really began.

Our 2009 season just started last Saturday, May 16. We have had quite a number of fish caught this first week of our season, mostly walleyes but some northern pike, quite a few bigger ones released, but Sally’s is the biggest Walleye caught & released so far.

Best wishes to everyone from Gene & Sally, Al & Doris and all the guests and staff here at Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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