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Wabatong Bears

This morning I went with Abby and Larry to ‘Bear Point’ Some bears were spotted yesterday so I was asked to go along and take pictures.

One the way there, Abby told me about bears and their gestations. The bear cubs that were at the point were last years bears. I assumed bears had babies every year, but to my surprise they don’t. The mother bears stay with their babies for 2 years. In the spring, they leave their cubs for a bit and go mate. The eggs implant and grow, but then after that they stay dormant. It’s not until the spring that they will grow into cubs. Depending on how much fat reserves the mother bear has also also, depending on what kind’ove season it is for berries and food, it determines if she’ll have lots of cubs, or just one. I didn’t know that, who knew?

So, after taking a few snapshots I thought I would share them with everybody else. Hope you enjoy them. Bobbi
Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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