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Spring is blossoming

Mountain ash is also a shrub, but can grow into a small tree. It can be distinguished by its leaves and even more so when they produce large clusters of red berries. Everything in the tree contains cyanide, even the berries. I have seen cedar waxwings eat these fruit, stumble around and basically look intoxicated. The leaves one alternate, compound, lanceolate and taper to a point. Usually their are 5-10 leaflets on each leaf. The bark is also reddish brown

Serviceberry (Amelanchier ssp.) and Mountain Ash (Sorbus americana) is one of the many shrubs that we have growing on Lake Wabatongushi. They are now starting to blossom and sprout new leaves.

Serviceberry is a small shrub (2-10 m tall) and can be distinguised by their leaves and bark. Leaves are egg shaped and have serrated edges and the bark resembles stretch marks. They do produce sweet, juicy berries and are edible and rich in iron and copper. The fruit can be eaten fresh from the tree, served with milk and sugar, added to pancakes or made into jellies and preserves.

These are a couple of the shrubs that are blossoming on the island, with the upcoming warmer weather, the resort is slowely blossoming to life.
Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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