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Northern Pike for Kevin Norman

Here’s my 30″ northern pike, caught here at Wabatongushi Lake. This is the largest northern I have caught to date, so needless to say I was just a little excited. The folks on Heritage Island said they could hear my victory call all the way across the lake. The funniest thing about this was that I wasn’t fishing for pike. My father and I were moving to another location near Castle Rocks and I decided to throw a line out just for kicks. As soon as my Rattlin’ Rap hit the water, the fish hit it. I was startled and forgot to even set the hook. I just started cranking. We barely got it in the boat. If it weren’t for my father, who was on the assist, I probably would have lost the fish, so thanks Dad! We released the fish after taking the measurements and snapping a few pictures with it, so hopefully someone else can share in the same excitement that made this trip one of my greatest memories.

Great Fishing! ~ Kevin Norman

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