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Bull Moose

Here is a great Bull Moose Mr. & Mrs. Schunter photographed yesterday evening on our nature tour. This Bull Moose has been hanging the north end of Long-Time-No-See-Um Bay for about a month. There has also been a Cow and Calf in the same area.

This is a prime mature Bull Mosse with a terrific Rack of antlers almost 6 feet wide. The shovels on his antlers still have a little bit of growing to do yet, the shovels on his antlers are still missing some spikes. In the next few of weeks his antlers will finish growing and then he will start shedding the velevet or skin on them so his display will be ready for mating season this fall. He will be looking for the Cow Moose then. He will shed his antlers in late November or Early December.

Bull Moose grow a a new set of antlers each year just like the other smaller members of the Deer family and the antlers are basically just display to attract Cow Moose and intimidate other Bull Moose. We do Nature Tours by Pontoon Boat for Wildlife Viewing a few times each week. This morning we will be going out to look for Black Bears.

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Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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