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Ladys day out on the lake

Hi, my name is Joyce, I am 70 and I love to FISH! My son in-law has been taking me on their family fishing trips up to Erringtons since 1998; this was my fifth visit. Their family has been visiting Erringtons since 1996. This year was my most successful year catching a 33 inch long Northern Pike. This was the largest fish I have ever caught. It was a ladys day out on the lake, Mother and daughter. My daughter drives the boat and I fish. It was a rainy cooler day and we were trolling a small cove across from the rail road tracks. I was using a blue and white spoon. It hit hard and I knew it was a nice size fish. I kept asking my daughter to bring it up with the net, but it went deep and under the boat. When we finally got it into the boat, we both were dancing and giving each other high fives. Then the camera came out to capture this picture. Our family catch and release, so someone else can have the time of there life pulling in a BIG one in like I did! My grandson Shawn spotted a furry animal in the water north of Timberwolf Island. He thought at first it was something that was floating in the water, like a jacket. He took a picture and showed it to Al back at the lodge. Al said it was a mink, so we wanted to share. Our week at Erringtons was a great way to relax and totally unplug from work. Erringtons is a true retreat from the everyday reality and so much fun and laughs for the whole family. This is one of our favorite family vacation destinations and the staff is so friendly, they are now like family.
The Wilcox Family

From Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort https://wildernessisland.com/
Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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By Anonymous | July 30, 2009 at 2:29 pm

That fish is huge! Good job!

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