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Beautiful Walleye Caught & Released by Kim Colby

July 31, 2009, 8:45 P.M.

What a thrill! I caught her with a jig head in 14 feet of water. When my husband asked me what I had on, I told him, “Just a pike… wait… oh, I think it’s a log.” Then she took off! Around the boat… under the boat… then finally by the boat. That’s when I finally saw her. Told my husband, “It’s a huge walleye; get the net!” She’s 29 1/2 inches long and between ten to 11 pounds! Al said she’s probably 26 years old. She’s still out in the lake to live some more years. Wow!

Kim Colby

From Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort www.WildernessIsland.com

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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