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Trophy Northern Pike Released by Joe Wojt

My first time fishing at Errington Islan Resort was first week of August 2002. There was a group of Detroit Diesel employees who were going up to Lake Wabatongushi for about 15-20 years. I was not an employee of DD but got asked to tag along in 2002.

Every year was enjoyed, many fish were caught, many stories were told (all true), and a few beverages shared. I usually entered 5 to 7 catch and release fish each year but as luck would have it never got the 10% Catch & Release discount.

Plan B: 8/2/2009
Catch the “big one”. The first day everyone did well, plenty of recordable fish. I caught two 28” and one 27” Northern Pike. Weather was so-so and the shorts were still packed. Day two was sunny but not too warm with less fish caught. Day three was back to windy, rain and over cast. I was fishing with “the newbie,” Jim’s first trip to the “Rough it in Velvet”. We were on the north side of Timber
Wolf Island. We got into some weeds, and I noticed there was a small black leech in the tangled them. Was this a “good omen”? I put the leech on the spoon I was using; a few minutes later came the “Strike”. The fish made three or four good runs, he is getting tired. Then what you’re looking for, the roll, He was a little large for the net so landing is not a simple task. He was running out of gas, so I reached down and grabbed him behind the gill plates. Great fish, 37 inches long, about 17 years old. That is twice as long as I have been fishing on Lake Wabatongushi.

Result: 8/4/2009
As of now he is the largest of the year. I say to Doris “those slimier leeches do well for walleyes also”. Keep’em bouncing off the bottom. Encourage all guests to fish” Wallies”. I know and hear that there are some 40+” Northern Pike in the lake, good place for them.
Here is a picture of my Friend Jan Foltz with his 33 inch Northern Pike that he caught and released too.

“I’ll be back” Thanks to all.�

Joe Wojt
From Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort www.WildernessIsland.com

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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