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On TV on Fish’n Canada

Fish'n CanadaFish’n Canada visited us this summer to do a show on fishing and vacationing at our resort. Our episode is ready for release and will start airing this weekend, first on the Canadian Global Network starting this Saturday 8:00 AM across the Country.
Full Schedule of all stations: http://www.fishncanada.com/content/view/26/42/

Our episode will also be available to view on the internet come Winter 2010 online at: http://www.fishncanada.com/fishn_canada_video.htm. We will post here again when our episode’s video is available online.

Here are a couple of pictures from Fish’n Canada’s visit to our resort. Fish'n Canada Hosts Angelo Viola and Mike Miller eating fishing shore lunchLori is cooking a Shore Lunch forFish'n Canada Hosts Angelo Viola and Mike Miller eating fishing shore lunch Angelo Viola and Mike Miller, and Angelo, Mike and Pete Bowman eating lunch with some of our guests including Steve Bartnicki and Bill Haling.Fish'n Canada Walleye Fishing Steve Bartnicki also caught and released the 29″ Walleye below that morning and he was showing the pictures to Angelo, Mike and Pete.

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