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Walleye & Northern Pike Fishing in Ontario Canada Last Year

Great Canadian Fishing Last Year
and Catch & Release Fishing Winners

Trophy Walleye Fishing Vacations Ontario CanadaLargest Walleye Released in 2009 a Beauty

Walt Canon had been hearing about our resort from his friend Ron Kokelaar for years, so last year Walt decided to join Ron. They were having really great fishing, landing a lot of Walleyes and quite a few nice Northern Pike through their stay. Then they topped off their vacation with this really beautiful 30 1/2 inch Walleye that they quickly released after taking this picture. Walt said it came almost all the way to the boat like a heavy log, then went crazy with multiple hard runs where they thought they would lose the fish, and when Ron netted her the little silver Mepps slipped out of her mouth. This Walleye is probably a prime female spawning size Walleye about 28 years old.

Trophy northern Pike Fishing Vacations Ontario CanadaLargest Northern Pike of 2009

Joe Wojt has been fishing here for many years and it was his turn to fish with “the newbie” of their decades old fishing group, Jim. They were on the north side of Timber Wolf Island and got into some weeds, when Joe noticed a small black leech in the tangled. Was this a “good omen”? Joe put the leech on the spoon he was using and a few minutes later got the “Strike”. She made three or four good runs, then rolled as she was getting tired.She was a little large for the net so Joe reached down and grabbed her behind the gill plates. Great fish, 37 inches long, about 17 years old and will probably be laying lots of eggs next spring.

Trophy Walleye Fishing Vacations Ontario CanadaWhat a thrill!

Kim Colby caught her largest Walleye ever, and the 3rd largest Walleye caught and released in 2009. When Kim’s husband Mike asked what she had on, she told him, “Just a pike… wait… oh, I think it’s a log.” Then the Walleye took off! Around the boat… under the boat… then finally by the boat. That’s when Kim finally saw her. “It’s a huge walleye; get the net!” She’s 29 1/2 inches long and between ten to 11 pounds! She’s probably 26 years old. She’s still out in the lake to live many more years. Wow!

Trophy Walleye Fishing Vacations Ontario CanadaTrophy Walleye Fishing Vacations Ontario CanadaTwin Walleyes

Erik Born not only did it, he did it twice. Two 28″ Walleyes caught and released on the same 4 day vacation at our resort. Erik and his father Rick have been vacationing at our resort since Erik was about half the size he is now. This was a really great Walleye year and Erik caught and released his first 28″ Walleye the second day of their vacation which really highlighted their vacation. Then Erik and Rick were supposed to fly out at 11:00 am on the last day of their vacation but their float plane was delayed because of early morning fog, so they decided to fish for a few more hours. They did pretty well, including catching & releasing a 23 inch Walleye, then, about 30 feet off the dock coming back into their cabin, Erik tied into another big Walleye. This one fought very hard right off the bat and it took about 15 minutes to get in. It was another 28 inch Walleye. Erik and Rick took this picture and quickly released it as well, then went and finished packing to come back to the lodge to catch the float plane home. Erik says it is just luck, being at the right place at the right time. Erik’s father Rick and I are not so sure, It takes a great feel and presentation to keep catching such great fish.

Northern Pike Fishing Fun Vacations  Ontario CanadaDouble Pike

On August 24th fishing in Dibben’s Bay, Ed McIntosh caught a 15 inch Northern Pike. While reeling in a larger Northern Pike swallowed the smaller Pike up to the gills. We were able to land both fish, and both were returned to the lake and swam away.

Fishing Fun Vacations Ontario CanadaTrolling Too Slow

Larry Campbell may need to pick up the speed a little. Going slow enough to catch a clam may need some reconsideration. Larry did enter this 4-1/2” clam into our Catch & Release Log Book. It was a tough release too. Larry had to use a screw driver to pry the clam open enough to get his jig out. Larry is a good sport and provided humerous dinner conversation that evening about his unique Catch & Release.

Catch & Release Fishing 2009 Awards & Winners

Large fish are almost exclusively females which means they can produce a lot more fish. With Walleye especially, it is now generally accepted that the larger the female is, the more successful spawner she is. They generally produce less eggs per pound but their eggs are larger and healthier with a much higher hatch success. Large fish also tend to be genetically larger which increases the growth rate of the general population.

Largest Walleyes Caught & Released Fishing 2009
Walt Cannon 30-1/2″
Derek Losalo 30″
Kim Colby 29 1/2″
Janice Meneke 29″
Steve Bartnicki 29″

Largest Northern Pike Caught & Released Fishing 2009

Joe Wojt 37″
Jeff Bos 36″
John Bloodworth 35″
Matt McIntosh 34 1/2″
Jan Futz 34″

Random Draw 2009 Catch & Release Fishing Winners

Here are the rest of our Catch and Release prize recipients for our 2009 random draw. Each will receive 10% discounts on their next vacations at our resort. Thank you everyone for your continued commitment to high quality fishing. You make the difference.

Sally Berthusen – 26″ Walleye Frank Utter – 22″ Walleye
Shawn Olar – 20″ Walleye Lee Bowman – 28″ Pike
Bob Andres – 28″ Pike Pat Allett – 18″ Walleye
Ronda Huston – 22″ Walleye Mike Light – 17″ Walleye
Garrett Benz – 17″ Walleye Beth Vehre – 24″ Walleye
Terry McTaggart – 27 1/2″ Walleye Joy Aukland – 28″ Pike
Jim Gilbertson – 22 1/2″ Walleye Paul Osborn – 31 Pike
Brian Schubert – 16 1/2″ Walleye Kevin Norman – 30″ Pike
Doug Hoppa – 20 1/2″ Walleye Zeke Copp – 29″ Pike
Craig Conrad – 26″ Walleye Daniel Palmer – 26″ Pike
Andrew Goodell – 30 1/2″ Pike Aaron Blackall – 26″ Pike
Karen Schlaack – 18″ Walleye Doug Jones – 20″ Walleye
Lori Urbaniak – 16″ Walleye John Kelley – 28″ Pike
Kelly Cooney – 24 1/2″ Pike Donna Pudue – 31″ Pike
George Spangler – 29″ Pike Kathy Stelow – 24″ Pike
Cindy Knuth – 19″ Walleye Jack Harris – 19″ Walleye
Dawn Walling – 18″ Walleye Keith Baggett – 27″ Pike
Mike West – 33″ Pike Nick Burzeze – 33 ” Pike
Joyce Kroups – 33″ Pike Linda Pullen – 26″ Pike
Patrick Luea – 19 1/2″ Walleye Mark Nelson – 19″ Walleye

From Al & Doris Errington
Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort www.WildernessIsland.com

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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