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See and Hear us on FishnCanada and Outdoor Journal this weekend

FishnCanada Television Fishing ShowFishnCanada Television Fishing ShowOutdoor Journal Radio Fishing ShowWe will be on radio, television as well as live Radio on the Internet this weekend. The Radio and Web Program is Outdoor Journal which runs from 8:00 am EST to 10:00 am EST. On the web listen to our live interview just after 9:00 am EST on Saturday February 20 at http://www.fan590.com/listen/ or if you are in the Toronto region listen to us on the Radio on FAN 590 AM.
The Television show on us will run February 20-21 on the Global channels on the FishnCanada Show. The show will air Saturday February 20 at 8:00 am EST, and Sunday February 21 at 7:30 am EST. This 1/2 hour episode is all about our resort. Taking the train or float plane in from Hawk Junction, staying at our resort, the accommodations, meals, services, fishing, wildlife etc. The first part starts with some video of our lodge and accommodations as well as the train or float plane and goes into Catch & Release Walleye fishing. It is very entertaining with FishnCanada Hosts Angelo Viola and Mike Miller Catching and Releasing lots of Walleyes.
The next part is shore lunch where FishnCanada hosts Angelo Viola, Mike Miller and Pete Bowman sharing shore lunch with our guests and enjoying fresh Walleyes, home made baked beans, seasoned wedge potatoes and bannock all cooked over a campfire on a secluded island.Canadian Fishing Shore Lunches Ontario Canada
The third part is the most entertaining when we introduce FishnCanada hosts Angelo Viola, Mike Miller and Pete Bowman to our neighbourhood Black Bears. We have a very practical relationship with the Black Bears in the area of our resort. In order to avoid problems with Black Bears coming over to our island resort for food, we keep our resort very clean by ensuring that no food waste goes into our garbage or is around our island acting as an attractant for Black Bears which could lead to problems. Black Bears Wildlife Viewing and Photography Vacations in Ontario CanadaWe collect all of the food waste from our entire resort every day and bring it about 3km across Lake Wabatongushi to a peninsula called Bear Point. We leave it for the Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Ravens and Seagulls. Our guests can watch Black Bears right from their boats. To bring the food waste up on the peninsula requires us to be very aggressive with the bears and chase them into the woods using Leaf Rakes, which we find is the best Black Bear intimidation tool. On this FishnCanada Episode we get Angelo and the FishnCanada crew very close to a Mother Bear and 2 cubs for some great video.
The Radio program is a live interview by Angelo Viola and Mike Miller of FishnCanada on their Fan590 AM Radio program Outdoor Journal Radio Saturday February 20. The show runs from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and I am expecting to be on the radio a little after 9:00 am. We will be talking about our resort and their experiences with fishing, Black Bears, Shore Lunch etc. People can tune their radios to Fan 590 AM or they can listen to us on live streaming audio on the internet at http://www.fan590.com/listen/.

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