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Busy Fishing Season

Wow, What a Walleye Spring. We started off our first week with lots of Walleyes and guite a number caught and released in the 20″ to 24″ range. Now this week it has really stepped up. So far this week in Walleyes we had a 28″ Walleye Caught & Released Sunday by Brent who is up with his Grandfather Larry. Then Monday evening Carlos Caught & Released a 29-1/2″ Walleye. Big day Tuesday with Carlos’s fishing partner Bob Catching & Releasing a 30-1/2″ Walleye and Joy up with her husband Ross Catching and Releasing a 26-1/2″ Walleye. Yesterday was kind of rainy all day so most people rested more but long time guest Tom had his future son-in-law John with him. John Caught & Released a 32″ Walleye yesterday evening. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer brings. We got digital pictures of all the fish except the 32″ Walleye. Tom still has a film camera. We will post a picture of John’s walleye as soon as Tom sends it to us.
Have a Great Summer!
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