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Greetings from lake Wabatongushi. Today’s topic is going to be about big fish. Before I begin I welcome you to tell us your big fish stories. Set up the scene for us: Where were you? What were you fishing for and what with? Was there anyone there to share the excitement with? How did you feel?

Over the past few weeks the topic around the lodge has been big fish. Gosh, hearing the stories from guests about their big catches brings so much excitement to the lodge.

I would like to tell you about our friend, Joy. Joy has a knack for catching fish. Over the few days that Joy was here she caught, and released a 26.5 inch Walleye, a 25 inch Walleye, and a 27.5 inch Northern pike. The 26.5 inch walleye is about 21 years of age and most likely a female. The 25 inch walleye is about 17 years of age and more likely a female. Joy’s 27.5 inch pike is about 7.5 years in age and there is a 60/40 chance that it is a male. Way to go, Joy! You are a true fisherwoman.

Other big catches that cannot be forgotten came from Mr. Larry Light for his 32 inch Pike. Mr Light’s pike is approximately 11 years in age. There is a 60/40 chance that this pike was a female. Congratulations to Mr. Eric Williams for his 29.5 inch Walleye, and 29.5 inch Pike. The walleye is about 26 years in age and chances are this walleye was a female. Except for genetic abnormalities male walleyes do not grow this large. Mr. Ross Auckland caught a 27.5 inch pike on his trip up to Wilderness Islands Resort. This pike is approximately 7.5 years in age and there is a 60/40 chance that it was a male. Mr. Pete Buley caught a 30.5 inch walleye as well as a 34 inch pike. The walleye is almost 30 years of age and most likely a female. The pike is about 14 years in age, and there is a 25/75 chance that it was a female. Way to go, guy! Thank you for returning these fish to lake Wabatongushi.

Well that is it for us here at the resort. I hope you enjoyed reading about our big catches and releases. I know myself it sure was a treat to be able to share in the excitement of a big catch with our guests.

Happy fishing!

“The two best times to fish is when it’s rainin’ and when it ain’t”
Patrick F. McManus

From Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort www.WildernessIsland.com

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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