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Summer Solstice

Greetings from lake Wabatongushi! Today, June 21st, marks the first day of summer. How exciting is that? Happy summer, friends.

I have some exciting news to share with you. Last week while out fishing I came across a loon laying on her nest. As I passed by in the boat she was oblivious to my presence. However, about half an hour later I passed by the nest again only to be greeted by the male loon. Let me tell you, he was not happy that I was there! He kicked up quite a fuss, warning me to stay away which I graciously obliged.

Did you know that loon chicks can swim from the time they hatch but spend much of their time riding on the backs of their parents to avoid predators, conserve heat, as well as to just catch a break. The male and female loon look the same, although males are generally larger.

Moose calves have also been spotted on the shorelines with their mothers. Cow moose will head to islands to birth their calves. They do this to avoid predation from gray wolves,coyotes, and black bears. At the time of its birth the moose calf can weight between 11 and 16 kilograms. Within days of its birth, moose calves are already great swimmers.

Another noteworthy event that took place about 3 weeks ago was the dragonfly hatch. To hatch the dragonfly nymphs migrate to the shorelines and crawl out on the land. The hatching migration, and the hatch itself often occurs during the night. By the morning the adults are taking flight.

On the left is the dragonfly nymph. On the right is the newly hatched dragonfly.

Well that’s it from lake Wabatong. I wish you all a great summer filled with joy, and great times with your friends and family.


“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.” – Bob Marley

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Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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