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Everyone at Erringtons is very exited today as we wait upon the arrival of the very popular television program Fish TV. Hosts Leo Stakos and Ron James will be arriving via train at about 5:00.
Fish TV has been a hit Television series for a quite a few years now. I personaly have always followed the show. Growing up I have seen many episodes , most of them in beautiful northern ontario lakes just like Lake Wabatongushi.
Being a hockey player, one feature that always attracted me to watching the show was they usually would have an NHL player co- host the show. I have seen long time legend Owen Nolan , I have also seen popular ex leafs Alexei Ponokorovsky and Nik Antropov whom at first was believed to be joining us this week but right now were not too sure if he is going to make it.
Al and Doris have been generous enough to give me the oppurtunity to guide Leo and Ron, so there will be updates and pictures to come.
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Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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