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Another Great Show

The New Fly Fisher has headed home, and are very pleased with the outcome of there stay at Errington’s. We finished off the trip landing over a dozen walleye on the fly. The fly that was most productive was the green deceiver.What we were trying to do is imitate a small perch or bait fish , and work the fly over top of weed beds, where there are feeding fish. So for all the fly fisherman out there looking to land some great walleye and northerns on the fly , Erringtons Wilderness Island is a great opportunity for you. The New Fly Fisher is already talking about coming back next year, possibly in May to do some great walleye , pike and also whitefish fly fishing. Word is that The Fish TV and The New fly Fisher episodes will air sometime around December or January but further details are still to come.
From Errington’s Wilderness Island www.WildernessIsland.com
Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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