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We have another special group of guests staying at Errington’s this weekend. Ray , a writer for Canadian Geographic has came up by train with his son Cam and photographer Stephanie. Ray is looking to produce an article which expresses what a wonderful experience it is for a father and son to not only go fishing together but enjoy the beautiful wilderness that northern Ontario has to offer. Right now is a perfect time to take in the beauty of lake Wabatongushi,as the leaves are beginning to change color, the air temperatures have cooled down and so have the water temperatures. When the water temperatures drop like this it also makes for some of the best fishing. I have been out guiding Ray, Cam and Stephanie for the past couple days. The first day was slow fishing but we still managed to land several decent size walleye, enough to fill everyone at shore lunch. The Weather did not permit us to go out fishing that evening , so it was another morning trip for us. This particular morning was much better fishing. Between Cam and his father, they landed over a dozen good size fish, mostly walleye but a couple nice northern as well. It seems as though the group is really enjoying themselves , Stephanie is getting some great shots of not only fish but wildlife, families enjoying themselves, kids jumping off the” jumping rock” and also some beautiful scenery’s.
The group is leaving in the morning, so hopefully tonight we can get some more good shots of wildlife and maybe even more fish who knows….
Further details on issue dates are still to come.

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