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Looking forward to summer Fishing and Nature Vacations

Jeff Bos caught big Northern Pike with brother Jon

Hope you are having a good winter and, like us, are anticipating a wonderful summer filled with exciting adventures in fishing and nature. We invite you to visit us in Northern Ontario Canada.

Bull Moose by Roger and Diane Reynolds

We are looking forward to another great summer of fishing, wildlife viewing and relaxing vacations in the wilderness of Northern Ontario Canada. It was a beautiful summer last year with great Walleye fishing. Northern Pike was good again last year and Jumbo Perch was exceptional in June and July. There were more sightings of Moose last year and our many Loons had quite a few pairs of chicks scattered around Wabatongushi lake. 2012 should be an exceptional year for Northern Lights as this is the peak year for the solar activity that provides the energy for the Northern Lights.

Black Bears also by Roger and Diane Reynolds

The Algoma Passenger Train continues to depart Hawk Junction a little after 3:00 pm on Thursdays, Saturdays and Mondays. After your 1-1/2 hour train ride we will meet you when you get off the train at Wabatongushi Lake and take you on the 15 minute boat ride to our secluded lodge on Wilderness Island. Trains leave at 11:00 am to return to Hawk Junction on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays. You also have the option of the 8 hour train ride out of Sault Ste Marie with the stop at Agawa Canyon on the way up. And of course if your vacation time does not correspond well with the train schedule, or if you like the added adventure of flying on float planes, Hawk Air will fly you out of Hawk Junction. You can fly both both ways or fly one way with the other way by train.We were at the Detroit’s Ultimate Fishing Show last month and enjoyed talking to some of you there. If you are in the Toronto or Grand Rapids areas we will be at sport and travel shows there as well.

We will be at the Toronto’s Spring Fishing & Boat Show next week February 17 – 20, and we will be at the Grand Rapids Ultimate Sport Show March 15 – 18. If you have a chance we would love to talk to you there.

Big Walleye by Chris Myles  Grandpa Wally

The FishTV crew, starring Leo Stakos and Ron James, visited and shot a great Walleye fishing show at our lodge last summer. FishTV has been showing this episode about our great Walleye fishing every few weeks on some of the sports and outdoors channel. Leo & Ron will also be at the Toronto’s Spring Fishing & Boat Show.

From Errington’s Wilderness Island www.WildernessIsland.com

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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