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Another Big Walleye!!!

Mike Tomas caught and released this beautiful 28 1/2 inch Walleye yesterday. Biggest Walleye Mike has caught in his life. Mike and his proud dad Steve, who did the netting, smiling in the background, have been doing very well fishing for Walleyes with leaches on jigs. 
Every once in a while a Northern Pike would bite their line and that is what Mike and Steve thought they had on, a larger Northern Pike, because it made lots of very hard runs before they could even see it. When this large Walleye came up they were speechless for a moment. Then they netted the Walleye and started yelling. Their other boat came over with Mary Tomas and Roberta & Lester Heckes to see what the commotion was. Roberta took a few pictures and they quickly released her back into Lake Wabatongushi to continue providing great fishing for future generations. This would be a prime spawning female Walleye about 24 years old and a little over 9 pounds. Great Fish, Great Fishing in Ontario Canada.

From Errington’s Wilderness Island www.WildernessIsland.com

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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