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Walleye Fishing Time of Year

Walleye Fly Fishing Ontario Canada
20″ Walleye Fly Fishing – Dave Sweat

Spring Fishing for Walleye has been really great again this year. Lots and lots of Walleyes of nice size walleyes fishing this year and many large Walleyes. We even have guests doing well Fly Fishing for Walleyes like Dave Sweat with the 20 inch Walleye he caught on a green tone Deceiver fly.

Big Walleyes Fishing Ontario Canada
29″ Walleye – Grant Sommer

Tony Sommer made me laugh a couple of days ago. Tony was logging in Walleyes in our Catch & Release log book. You can log in any Walleye released over 16 inches. Tony said he was only logging in the over 18 inch catch and release walleyes because he would be forever writing in the over 16 inch walleyes. Great to hear.

Then Tony’s son Grant catches and releases this beautiful 29 inch walleye. A really great prime spawning walleye about 25 years old. A really nice fish and Grant has a great big smile.

Trophy Walleye Fishing Ontario Canada
29″ Walleye – Bob Peopsel

Bob Poepsel also caught and released a 29 inch Walleye this past week. Here is Bob just before he released his great Walleye with his long time friend Jim Burks. Picture was taken by Jim’s son Frank.

This really is a Walleye time of year but we do get a few Northern Pike and Jumbo Perch in with the Walleyes. Here are Tom Quaderer and John Blair with some of the Jumbo Yellow Perch they caught while fishing for Walleye. And Joe Aiello caught and released this nice 34 inch Northern Pike which is a very good size for this time of year.

Jumbo Perch Fishing Ontario Canada
Jumbo Perch – Tom Quaderer
Jumbo Perch Fishing Ontario Canada
Jumbo Perch – John Blair

Northern Pike Fishing Ontario Canada
Northern Pike Fishing – Joe Aiello

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