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Looking Up…

From Errington’s Wilderness Island www.WildernessIsland.co

The islands on Wabatong have many things to offer above and beyond fishing and a bit of R&R. 

Yes there are plenty of fish that jump into your nets.  And yes  the cabins are charming and provide warmth ,shelter and comfort  for the weary body, but there are other residual amenities that  apply to the healing of  the troubled mind and spirit. These things can not be acquired by acts of doing but more by ….seeing… by just looking up!

You would be surprised  at the number of people who have forgotten  to take a moment to stop…and look up.  They get  caught up in what they think are the  important aspects of life…jobs, bank statements,bills, business meetings…the mind is inundated with fragmented shreds of inanity that keep it busy and preoccupied…distracted from  the real things that  can heal.

When you stop and look up, the scale of the sky is HUGE with nothing inhibiting your view…no power lines, no buildings rising out of the earth as if to consume the universe itself….no pollution distorting the ether….just big blue sky….fill your lungs with cool fresh  air and release…with head tilted back you become aware of the tension in you body…release…

Your senses  begin to wake, you can hear now,  ravens sounding like crones, squawking, blue jays, chickadees, water lapping lazily against the dock, Warm earthy smells rise…cedar , pine, spruce and birch all swirled into one  but remaining individual at the same time…and before you know it…you  feel alive…refreshed …rejuvenated . When  you lose your connection to the Earth your Spirit gets lost in the mix but can be wooed back in an instant if  given the chance.  

It is like  a language that was spoken long ago and  instinctively you understand…primal..genetic…and your body responds it is compelled.

This is the gift of Wabatong. This is gently offered to you, this is something that I  offer you to just stop and look up!

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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