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Bear Viewing – June 2013

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Bear viewing is a favorite activity for my husband and me.  While fishing for walleye off of bear point, we saw a mother bear fishing also.  She had three cubs with her.  She caught what appeared to be a large sucker fish and took it up on the bank for all to enjoy.  The three cubs were so cute, but it was impossible to get all three of them in the camera frame at once.

Another day at bear point, we spotted a bear high in a tree.  It was something to watch it slide down the tree trunk like a fireman’s pole.  You could actually hear her claws scraping on the bark of the tree as she slid down.  


What was so wonderful was to be able to see bear virtually everyday on our June trip.  Finding bear to view was the rule, not the exception.
Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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