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The Fly Fishing Show

http://www.flyfishingshow.com/Somerset__NJ.htmlWe will also be at The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset New Jersey this week from Friday January 24 through Sunday January 27. This is considered to be the largest fly fishing show in North America, so pretty excited to go.We have been doing more fly fishing each year both for Northern Pike and for Walleye.

Northern Pike are a lot of fun on a Fly Rod. They hit hard and are not very particular.
Walleyes are a little more challenging but streamers a few feet below the surface work well, the Walleyes will come right up off the bottom after them.
If you are in the eastern New Jersey or southern New York area it would be great to see you and talk about fishing vacations.
For more information about the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset New Jersey go to:  www.flyfishingshow.com/Somerset__NJ.html

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Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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