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Catch and Release time!!

Hey everyone! The sun is shining and the fish are biting. We all know that it’s that time of year for our Catch and Release winners. So here they are……

Top 5 Northern Pike (7 because of several ties)

 Matt Light 38 inches

Mark Englar 36 inches, Chris Creque 36 inches and Jon Bos 36 inches

John Barrington 35 inches, Kathy Hagerty 35 inches and Jon Bos 35 inches

Top 5 Walleye

Jane Pearson 28.5 inches

Marilyn Armstrong 28 inches

Rick Collins 27 inches

Edward Williams 26.75 inches

Kathy Hagerty 26 inches

Here are our random draws of 2 names per week. Each week are from guests that have logged for our catch a release program.

Week 1- Roberta Heckes Walleye 16.5 inches and Matt Rogers Northern Pike 32 inches

Week 2- Patt Allet Walleye 21.5 inches and Paul Miller Walleye 22 inches

Week 3- Bill Hailing Walleye 17 inches and Bill Clayton Walleye 16.5 inches

Week 4 – Eric Williams Norther Pike 34 inches and W.B Clayton Walleye 16.5 inches

Week 5- Scott Keveller Northern Pike 27 inches and Brian Mach Walleye 19 inches

Week 6- Ronda Huston Walleye 19.5 inches Pete Novak Northern Pike 31 inches

Week 7- Larry Light Walleye 17 inches and Mike Light Walleye 18 inches

Week 8- Sherri Kelley Walleye 18 inches and Don Light Northern Pike 24.5 inches

Week 9- Ed Nagel Norther Pike and Gary Stoner Northern Pike 25 inches

Week 10- Doug Jones Norther Pike 26 inches and Steve Jones Northern Pike 28 inches

Week 11- Ron Johnson Walleye 20 inches and Mike West Northern Pike 24 inches

Week 12- Conrad Romanick Walleye 18 inches and Jane Pearson Norther Pike 26 inches

Week 13- Howard Remaley Northern Pike 28.5 inches and Janice Wilkinson Northern Pike 28 inches

Week 14- Gary Schick Walleye 20.5 inches and Kevin Manning Northern Pike 29.5 inches

Week 15- Jeff Huston Walleye 25 inches and Jess Sullivan Walleye 19 inches

Thank you for your comments. Al and Doris.

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