Northern Pike Fishing

Catch & Release. We encourage our guests to release all larger, spawning size fish, walleye over 20 inches, northern pike over 30 inches and perch over 12 inches. These fish are generally all females, prime spawners, and at least 10 years old, while really large fish can be 30 years old or more.

Shore Lunch Fish Fry. The best eating size fish: walleye 15 – 18 inches, perch 9 – 12 inches and northern pike 22 – 28 inches, we encourage our guests to enjoy eating while they are here when the fish are at their very best freshness and taste. Shore lunches where fish and food are cooked over an open fire are especially delicious.

Bringing Fish Home. As for bringing fish home, we think it’s a good idea if our guests are planning to eat the fish within 2 – 4 weeks after their vacation here, while the fish taste and quality is still very good (although not as good as fresh caught fish). If our guests do not plan to eat the fish fairly soon after their vacation, we think it is a better idea to release the fish back into the lake for their next vacation.

We are in located in Ontario Fishing Zone 7.

Northern Pike Growth Chart

This chart shows typical northern pike sizes for different ages as well as male/female ratios for Wabatongushi Lake and our region of Northern Ontario, Canada. We are in the mid-boreal forests of Northern Ontario so walleye and northern pike in southern regions will grow much faster, possibly twice as fast, as our region. However, our  northern pike tend to live much longer, perhaps twice the age or more.

Fish Age Length Weight Male/Female
1 10"-25cm .2lb 50/50
2 13"-35cm .5lb 55/45
3 19"-48cm 1.4lb 60/40
4 22"-54cm 1.9lb 65/35
5 24"-61cm 2.3lb 70/30
6 26"-66cm 2.7lb 65/35
7 27"-68cm 3.1lb 60/40
8 28"-71cm 3.4lb 55/45
9 29.5"-75cm 3.7lb 50/50
10 31"-78cm 4lb 45/55
11 32"- 80cm 5.2lb 40/60
12 32.5"-82cm 6.3lb 35/65
13 33"-84cm 7.6lb 30/70
14 34"-87cm 10lb 25/75
15 35"-88cm 10.5lb 20/80
16 36"-90cm 11lb 15/85
17 37"-93cm 12.5lb 10/90
18 38"-96cm 15lb 8/92
19 39"-99cm 18lb 6/94
20 40"-101cm 21lb 5/95
21 41.5"-105cm 23lb 4/96
22 43"-109cm 25lb 3/97
23 44.5"-113cm 28lb 2/98
24 46”117cm 31lb 1/99

Ontario Fishing Licence

Ontario, Canada has a range of Fishing Licences ranging from 1 day to 8 day to 1 year to 3 years for Conservation or Sport Fishing for Ontario residents, Canadian residents and non-residents of Canada.

Guests of our lodge can buy their licences online.

Northern Pike Fishing Photos

Our guests with some of their big northern pike.