Shore Lunches

There is nothing like a shore lunch of freshly caught walleye, perch or northern pike, cooked over an open fire on a secluded island looking out over the picturesque lake and scenic, rugged landscape of Canada. The sights, the aroma of fresh fish and wood smoke and the haunting call of the loon. This is the ultimate Canadian experience.

Resort shore lunches are prepared by our experience shore lunch chef, Franky. Each day, we choose one of Lake Wabatongushi’s picturesque islands where Franky will build a crackling fire. They will clean and prepare your catch with seasoned potato wedges, sautéed onions, world famous corn fritters and homemade baked beans.

Franky sets up your shore lunch to be relaxing and almost semi-elegant within the beautiful wilderness setting. Comfortable chairs are set up around a cloth covered table. The gentle breeze mixed with the aroma of wood smoke from the crackling fire will whet your appetite for the tasty meal that awaits.

Shore lunches are included in our American Plan (full meal) packages, or can be provided a-la-carte to a Housekeeping, or Dinner Plan Packages.

A-la-carte prices: $25/person and $15/child under the age of 13

If you are unable to eat fish, let us know and a we can provide a suitable alternative entrée.

For guests who would like to prepare their own shore lunch, we provide shore kits. You will be completely outfitted with frying pans, dishes and the ingredients you need to prepare your own memorable shore lunch.

Shore Lunches Photos