Pet Policy

To support guests who would like to explore our wilderness with their dog, we welcome canine friends on the property in designated cabins only. We are sorry but no dogs are allowed in dining room or lounge. Service dogs are exempt from this policy.

In order to ensure all guests (dog owner and non-dog owners) have a comfortable visit, we have a few special guidelines as well as Restrictions and Regulations.

Special Guidelines

  1. We welcome one well-behaved dog per cabin. Please no barkers. Cats are not permitted.
  2. Your dog must be comfortable with being confined — either in a cage in your cabin or on a lead at the lodge while you are in the dining room or lounge. If needed we can provide a fairly large dog cage for your cabin for $6/day.
  3. You will be expected to restrain you dog on the train or float plane as well.
  4. Guests planning to bring a dog must make advance reservation for their dog as well as themselves.
  5. Because of the need for extra cleaning at the end of your stay, we charge an additional $75 for your pet to vacation with you.

Restrictions / Regulations

  1. We expect dog owners to be as responsible for your pet at our lodge as you would at home. You must always pick/scoop up after your dog especially on trails and around cabins, lodge and other buildings. Please put in container provided.
  2. Errington’s Wilderness Island regulations require that dogs must always be on a lead for the safety of all lodge guests, staff, dogs as well as the birds and small wild animals that live on our island.
  3. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture/beds in the guest cabins. Please bring your dog’s bedding and favorite toys. Please do not use our towels/bedding for your dog.
  4. A credit card must be left on file for any damage discovered after check-out.
  5. Guests who bring a dog will be asked to sign a waiver agreeing to these conditions upon check-in.
  6. Errington’s Wilderness Island will not be responsible for any accident, injury, or illness that may occur to your dog while you are a guest.