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    *Float plane prices are per flight one way
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  • $120 Canadian ($92US)/Half day $190 Canadian ($146US)/Day (Shore Lunches* are included on our American Plan Packages whether you are guided or not. Shore lunches on an extra $29($22US)/person) on our Housekeeping or Dinners Packages
  • -$15 Canadian($14US)/Day, $75 Canadian ($71US)/Week. ElectricTrolling Motors are included in American Plan Packages but are extra in our Housekeeping and Dinner Plan packages.
  • $5 Canadian ($4.50US)/Day, $25 Canadian ($24US)/Week
  • $15 Canadian ($14US)/Day, $75 Canadian ($71US)/Week
  • Accommodations - Beds

    We do not have water beds but you do have a choice of 1 king size bed or 2 twin size beds per bedroom for each 2 people.
  • Beverages

    Would you like to order your beverages now and have Cold Beverages, such as Beer or Sodas, waiting in your refrigerator. Let us know the number of cases, or part cases, you would like.
  • Beer- $43.00 ($41.00 USD) / 24pk Case, $23.00 ($22.00 USD) /12pk

  • Premium Beers - $26.00 ($25.00 USD) / 12pk Case (Available in 12 packs only)

  • Pop /Soda / Water - $19.00 ($18.00 USD) / 24pk, $12.00 ($11.00 USD) / 12pk

  • Fishing Licences

    If you need Fishing Licenses you, or the other members of your party, can fill out the License form at (form coming soon!) We would also like the names of everyone in your party for family calls and to put them on our mailing list.
  • Requests and Comments:

    Please let us know if anyone in your party is celebrating a special occasion during your stay. If you have any requests we will gladly try to fulfill them.